Makeup Application

Personal style and event details are taken into consideration to create the perfect look for your occasion. A precision brow shaping is included to ensure a flawless framing of the eyes. Skin is blended to perfection and eyes and lips will compliment one another for a perfectly balanced face. Individual false lashes* are included if desired. Please allow 1 hour for this service. 

Makeup Lesson

Your makeup lesson will begin with an eyebrow evaluation and shaping if necessary.  Next, we consult together on your current makeup wardrobe, evaluate each product and determine its need based on your coloring, lifestyle, application abilities and makeup goals. After the consultation, using a combination of my products and yours, I break the makeup process down step by step, while doing one half of your face myself, and you doing the other. With calm and positive instruction, you will finally be able to conquer your makeup trouble areas. Together, we will find the perfect shades for your skin, eyes, and lips and which brushes to use to create the look you've always wanted. Please allow 2-3 hours for this service.

Shop with Me

The Shop with Me service is unique and will leave you feeling completely confident in your makeup wardrobe and your abilities as your own personal makeup artist. In addition to the services described in the makeup lesson above, I take it a step further and provide a personal shopping experience to ensure that you are left with not only the ability to apply your makeup like a pro but also have the products and tools to master it. Ignoring the hard pushed trends, we navigate the counters, drugstores, department stores and boutiques scouring and testing the best colors and formulas that fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. We then work together to create several classic looks that will last years to come. Please allow 3-5 hours for this service.


A precision tweezing method is used to ensure a flawless, natural shape that complements bone structure, eye shape and dimensions of the face. Because no two brows are alike, templates and stencils are never used. Each brow shaping is followed up with a tutorial on how to fill in the brow for a full, naturally defined arch. For reshaping, please allow 4 weeks of growth before making an appointment.

Bridal and Wedding Services

Please contact me directly to discuss available services, rates and the details of your event.

Media, print and film

Please contact me directly to discuss available services, rates and the details of your project.

*please note I only use cruelty free individual human hair lashes